Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi There! My name's Katie. I was the awesome person who wrote the FAMOUS blog, Shakespeare & Showtunes.

Okay, so it wasn't "famous" per se, but it was a pretty cool thing.

But... it was getting old. And alot of changes and new things have come into my life. Lots of new starts and fresh beginnings. Most of which, surprisingly, have been good and beneficial to me.

So, I decided I needed to start blogging again, but I didn't know where to go from when I had stopped. I needed to begin again.

So, here I am! Hopefully it'll be great. There's no "set agenda", just stuff I feel like doing. Stuff I feel like saying.



The Other Katie said...

Hey hey! Good idea, starting a new one. It needs prettying up, though. Off to add it to my blogroll!

Katie Marie said...

This is true. It needs LOTS of prettying up. I'll get to it. ;)

The Other Katie said...

AWESOME profile picture btw! REID!!! ^.^

Katie Marie said...

Why, Thank you! I like it too. *giggle*

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