Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Bowed head, Folded hands,
Begging God for one more chance.
Forgiveness: that is all you need,
Mercy: It's for this you plead.
You're not worthy; This you know,
But with one word God's mercy flows.
You feel alone and your heart breaks,
Silence is all it takes.
Oh, you child of the Lord,
Pick yourself up off the floor.
Brush away impurities,
In front of God, fall on your knees.
There's always a second chance
To get up and try again.
Forget the right, you only know the wrong,
While feeling like you don't belong.
If you could see what God sees,
Then you would see clearly
Grace, Poise, Intelligence, truly
The definition of real beauty.
Christ died for you, this much is true,
He gave up His life, yes, for you!
Next time you fall in despair,
Don't forget that someone cares.
His name is Jesus, this I know,
And He came down from Heaven so
That He could die so you'd have life,
He banished darkness and embraced the light.
Remember who you're living for
While you're down there on the floor.
The God made man, three persons in one,
Father, Holy Ghost and the Son.
Live this life, you get just one,
And you will shine just like the sun.

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