About Me

My name is Katie. I'm 18 (almost 19) years old, and am a COLLEGE FRESHMAN at Mount Saint Mary's University. I was raised Catholic, and am a total bookworm. In fact, my bookworminess is so bad that I have to carry around not one, but two books, just in case I finish one. I'm definitely a work in progress, but aren't we all. I dream to be a writer who stays home with her kids and does what she loves: writes. But since that's preettyy unlikely, I hope to become an English teacher. In school, I had this one teacher who basically kept me in school and helped me graduate. He made me hate school a little less, and was a real friend to me. I want to be that teacher to someone else. I want my English class to be their safe place. I want to change lives and spread my love of reading and literature. Oh, did I mention that I want to be a HIGH SCHOOL English teacher? Yes, I know I'm an idiot. 

I write a lot about personal stuff, and then a lot of viewpoints. I'm a conservative Democrat, anti-abortion, anti-death penalty, pro-religious freedom (and freedom from), and a lot of other stuff that you'll figure out as we get closer to the Presidential Election.

So, that's me. I'm kinda crazy and I ramble a lot, but hopefully you'll stick around :)
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