Friday, May 27, 2011

On Memorial Day

In School today, our Social Studies teachers were required to talk about Memorial Day and do a presentation or activity of some sort. We actually had veterans come to the school and talk to classes, but they left after 5th period and my Civics class is 6th period. So, we got to talk about Arlington instead. We watched a video with "Arlington" by Trace Adkins playing in the background. You have NO idea how hard it was to keep my cool. It was so touching. Then we talked about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. Once again, close to impossible to keep my cool.

Since I've actually been to Arlington, it was kinda a refresher course. I think those who haven't been there before were bored by the presentation. But, I went there a few years back on one of my trips to DC. It was my favorite part of the trip. We stayed at the Tomb of the Unknowns for at least an hour. Just watching the Honor Guard walk his 21 steps and turn and face the city for 21 seconds. It's such an amazing thing to see, so touching and humbling to see what people are willing to do so that we can be free.

My aunt's father in law was actually buried there a couple years ago. He died in the winter, but the ground was frozen and they couldn't bury him until the Spring. I don't remember why we didn't go. I must have been sick or really  behind in school or something. But I remember him. My uncle, his son, could actually be buried there when he dies. Wow. Although I am only related to these incredible men by marriage, I am proud to call these heroes my family.

We also talked about family members in the military. On my dad's side, my grandpa, uncle and cousin were all in the Navy. On my mom's side, my Captain and uncle were in the Navy. My aunt's husband (the one who could be buried in Arlington) was in some branch of the military, Army, I think. My cousin is in the coast guard, and two of my cousins are in the Air Force.

We are a legit Military Family. And I couldn't be prouder.

God Bless America.

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