Friday, May 20, 2011


Last week in English class we were watching Into the Woods (which, by the way, is an AMAZING musical and you all should watch it. Just sayin'.). There's a part in the play when the Baker's wife is seduced by one of the Prince Charmings. In front of me was sitting a couple. Please keep in mind that the guy has cheated on his girlfriend at least twice, but they are still together. He also tells her that she is going to hell because she's Jewish. What a kind guy, huh?

Well, at the part when the Prince seduces the Baker's Wife, the guy leans over to his girlfriend and whispers in her ear "Whore."


Pot  meet kettle???? Of course he didn't say anything about how the prince was already married and how HE seduced a married woman who kept saying no! It was the woman's fault! She was the whore!

I don't understand this. At all. This guy claims he's Christian, but pressured his girlfriend into sleeping with him and then cheated on her! And I don't mean "kissed another girl" cheating. FULL out cheating. As in, well, ahem.

Why is it always the woman's fault? Of course, the woman made a mistake by cheating on her husband, but apparently the prince didn't. I guess you can say I'm a feminist, but I'm only a feminist in the fact that I believe that women should have the right to work. I also think that if they want to be, they can be stay at home moms. I plan on doing that.

I feel so bad for this girl. Obviously she is really dependent on him, but she has told me that she and him are planning on breaking up before college. I don't understand why they are waiting that long when he obviously is only with her for one thing.

But then again, who am I but the prude that sits behind them in English class?

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