Saturday, August 27, 2011

The woes of Irene

So Irene is on her way. And she seems to want to destroy everything in her path, which, of course, includes my house. My mom's in NYC for work and the sis is there celebrating her birthday with her godmother (they're actually evacuating), so my dad and I are packing up the dog and our things and off to the grandma's. Which should be fun (Not really.)

So... here's a list of things I need to bring to gram's.

  1. My laptop. See, I'm the idiot who's still doing her summer work even though school starts on Tuesday and I'm in all Honor and AP classes. *facepalm*
  2. My dawg. She's cute. I can't leave her like this!
  3. Binders and pencils and pens and post its. Ah the notes I have to take for AP US history...
  4. My phone. What? I'm an 18 year old girl! You thought I'd leave my phone at home? FUNNY.
  5. My kindle. In case everything else dies. DIES.
  6. Board games. Meh, might try to have SOME family time.
  7. Calculator. Stupid Math Packet. DIE DIE DIE
And I guess that's really all the important stuff. I'm actually really nervous about Irene, since we have to leave the cats at home. I hope nothing happens to them or to the house (PETA would be having a field day if they found out we were leaving the cats home.), the cats are kinda cute and this is my home. 

Stay safe everybody!

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