Monday, May 3, 2010

Time Capsule

2009 and 2010
Someday in the future
We'll remember when...
Kanye stole the mic
From Taylor Swift.
Everyone gasped 
And threw a fit.
Everyone was paranoid 
About Swine '09,
But when the Spring came,
Everybody was fine.
Fist Pumping was epic,
Snuggies were win.
Have a few silly bandz
And kid, you were in!
When Michael J. died
Everyone was in shock.
Poor Farrah Fawcett
Everyone forgot.
Vampires were the rage
Along with Twitter and iPhones.
Everyone had Beiber Fever,
So if you were a fan, you were pwned.
Tiger Woods became hated
The Yankees won the World Series (again).
We got the first black pres
And he is legit, according to some. 
Gaga was on the top of the charts,
A volcano exploded,
A TV show about singing outcasts
And the weirdest of all: The oldest Jonas was wed!
The earthquake in Haiti
Sent America into shock.
A movie about blue people
Was the must see movie. 
When the Cullens appeared...
It became "Potter, who?"
A werewolf with a six pack
Was on the cover of tween news.
Teeny boppers' faces were on the covers of tabloids,
KStew and RPattz: Dating or Not?
Demi and Joe: They're finally together!
It made people laugh: Is that all they got?
Big families were hot
In Hollywood
The Duggars and Gosselins,
Rockin' their hoods.
Yeah that's my life,
Crazy as it seems.
We got a front row seat
To some history.


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