Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog recommendations...

WORD for Teens - - - I love reading this blog. She always has really great book recs. We have a similar taste in books, so if I'm feeling bored and in need of a good read, I check out WORD.

Books & Brownies - - - This blog is written by my bestest friend, Katie. Or, "The Other Katie". Who needs phone calls when you can just creep on each others' blogs?

The Sound of Life - - - It's a song recommendation blog run by three of my friends. They have some great song recs, some of which I've heard, some of which I haven't. Which is cool.

A True Word: A Blog of Beautiful Poetry - - - Another one of my friends is the beauteous author of this great blog. She always picks some great poetry!

Whimsy. - - - Love this blog! Miss Whimsy writes with charm, grace and humor. About simple things, too. Like what she gave her mom for mothers' day, and most recently, which also happens to be my favorite, how her voice is bipolar.

The Daily Painting - - - This is written by the author of A True Word. Instead of a daily poem, there's a daily painting. She picks beautiful paintings, and although I'm not a big fan of art, I LOVE the art she posts.

Artisan of the Shire - - -  I'm friends with Margaret IRL, and I'm a big fan of her graphic designs. We were in the same homeschool group and Shakespeare group for a long time. Last year, she was a big help when I was made editor of our homeschool group's yearbook. She's very talented and I love her dearly! =)

It's a Fine Life - - - This is Margaret's personal blog.

Nine (+) Texans - - - This is Katie's mom's blog. I've known Katie, Karen and the rest of the K's for over ten years now. When I first met them, they were the six Connecticut-ians! Yep, that means I've seen four K babies born (I haven't really SEEN seen them born, but I've been around.) and number five is due quite soon!

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