Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

What I really want is peace in my heart. But an iPod touch would do.

I also would LOOOOVE to have Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition and It's A Wonderful Life on DVD, not Blu-Ray. I'm waiting for the day when it'll be "Blu-Ray... what?!"

Also some books, in Print or E-books for my Kindle would be appreciated.

I would also like to have a couple hundred dollars so that I could buy everybody who is buying me a Christmas present a Christmas present, too. Especially so that I could buy my Mommy the Sound of Music 40th Edition DVD. And my Daddy the Santa Clause on DVD, since our VHS has gone MIA....

Also, maybe a feeling of closure of trust in God's plan for me. If it's in God's plan for me to be at Franciscan, I'll be at Franciscan. Let His, not my, will be done.

Also, help yourself to some cookies. They're most likely Oreos since I'm lazy...



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