Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm horrified and in shock by our society.

A college student just commited suicide because he was videotaped kissing another male. He was harrased about it and jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

I am appalled that this happened. Many of the suicides committed in this day and age are commited by homosexuals who are exploited or ashamed of their sexuality.

This is not okay.

They are people, just as much as we are. If people want to be accepted, they have to accept!!! I see it happening in my public high school, too. My favorite teacher is homosexual, and a few girls I know have him, too. I was raving about what an awesome teacher he is, and they said they didn't like him. I was surprised and asked them why. Their response?

"Well... he's gay!"

A person's sexual identity does NOT define a person, unless you let it. I'm straight, but that has NOTHING to do with who I am. It COULD, but I don't let it. I don't want it to define me.

I'm disgusted by our society today. Abortion, Euthanasia, War, the Death Penalty, and now this discrimination. This is not about gay rights. This is about discrimination. If that student had been filmed kissing a female, other people would have been disgusted because that is a personal moment and an invasion of privacy.There would have been the people who thought it was funny and would have  Because he was gay, he dealt with cruelty from everyone, which led him to think the only way out was death. Can you imagine feeling so hurt, so depressed that you think the only way to not feel that way is to take your own life? That's how he felt. Nobody deserves to feel that way.

Make a difference. Remember Tyler Clements.

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