Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Fairy

Little Fairy
Fly Around
Dance Among the Stars
Do not think of who you'll be
Just love who you are
The world in which you live
Is as beautiful as could be
At least for now
While you are naive.
Stay happy to be alive,
You won't always feel that way.
Heartbreak and tears
Will soon become common.
The age of innocence will fade
Just like melting snow
The things you are sure about
Turns out you don't know.
The beauty of your soul
Will not always be seen
Enjoy this time of life
When everything is right.
Go fly to Never Never Land
And stay the way you are.
The world will never change you
And you'll never become


Just a quick note. This is probably my favorite poem I've ever written. Like, ever. I was thinking one day, "I want to write an autobiography. All poetry." So this is the poem I wrote for when I was about four years old. I played a fairy in a Midsummer's Night Dream and everything in life was just SO right. Perfect. Nothing was wrong. That obviously changed. This is almost a letter to me, I guess. But this poem is my favorite, and I hpe you'll like it half as much as me.

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