Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day!

Even though I am 99.99% sure that there are a total of ZERO fathers reading this blog, all my lovely readers should go and wish their fathers a very happy daddies' day from meee!

One day, my dad was getting me something from his dresser. I looked in and saw a HUGE stack of cards. Curious, I went back later to see what they were about. Just like those Hallmark commercials. My daddy has kept every Christmas, Birthday and Fathers' Day card my sister and I have ever given him. I found a Harry Potter birthday card, a Tazmanian devil Fathers' day card, and so many others. Its the little things like this that remind me why I love my daddy soo much.

Happy Fathers' Day!

1 comment:

Mike G. said...

Haha... Your dad is great. So's mine, for that matter.

So happy "We have good fathers!" day! :)

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